Friday, November 15, 2013


My Dream Destination would be  a trip to Bangkok the most favorite place of every holiday enthusiasts.  Bangkok being the closest and cheapest holiday destination to the Indians in the subcontinent, is an ideal dream destination for many as a place for its scenic beauty, divine temples, exotic beaches, pampering Thai massages, good food and a heaven for indulgent shoppers.

Having visited Bangkok a few years back, I still cannot get over the beauty of this place.  Its a perfect holiday destination with so many activities one can indulge  at a decent cost. Bangkok is so much similar to Mumbai. One feels so much at home at Bangkok because of similar weather conditions, the ever vibrant city life, the market roads lined with vendors and an equally large number of shoppers  wooing them with their bargaining powers. I can relate myself to the striking resemblance of  Amchi Mumbai  to the pulsating life in Bangkok.  I love everything about this place  as there is never a boredom moment here. I love their Thai Food sprinkled with the generous amount of  lemongrass and its aroma wafting all over.  The Thai cuisine is world famous and it finds a place on the menu of every eating joint or a hotel in the world.  Like the coastal southern India, Thailand also enjoys a summer temperate climate and one can find the rows of coconut trees lined up near the beaches and these coconut find their way into the delectable and delicious Thai  Cuisine. This makes Thai delicacies so much like our Indian food which gives one more reason to love their cuisine. It amazes me to find tourists sleeping or playing games and songs  in the bus between two holiday destinations when there is so much to watch in between. I love the beautiful countryside of Thailand and the houses with a small temple [like our very own Tulsi Vrindavan] in front of every Thai house. As the bus moves at a lesiurely speed, these beautiful landscape pass through at an inverse direction with the promise of more beautiful scenic moments.

Thailand has the most amazing beaches in the world like the Pattaya, Phukhet  among the favorites. I love the water sports and their amazing beach shops selling Thai memorabilia and souvenirs. The  Buddhist temples in Bangkok are world famous tourist spots especially the giant sleeping Buddha and the traditional dance dramas with beautiful Thai girls dressed like our bharatnatyam dancers add a distinct cultural value to our holidays. A trip to Bangkok is never complete without a great shopping agenda. So Bangkok to me is a great shopping destination where I can buy lots of latest fashion clothes at reasonable and  bargainable price  not just for me but also for relations back in India.  And not to forget the sweet tender coconuts in Bangkok which I have never tasted here.  They are simply amazing. And for the gem lovers,  a trip without the famous Thai Rubies would be incomplete.

Bangkok is an amazing place where one can soak in the tranquility of beaches, relax while the Thai girls treat you to their famous massage and then relish the exotic Thai food and return back with lots of shopping goods.  Do I need any other reason to say Bangkok is indeed my  dream destination !

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