Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Pleasures of Writing


Writing has been my hobby  since   I was a student doing my graduation in Arts , but with the advent of internet and social websites like facebook and twitter, this has been my source of excitement and creative. satisfaction I love writing because it gives  me a medium to express my  thoughts, my opinions and my feelings. Probably the interest to write began seedling in me because of my keen interest in reading as I love reading  books, magazines and newspapers. Also , it has been my consistent habit of writing down  references or quotes from  my reading material onto my diary because I love the interplay of words  and  emotions expressed by someone and it fascinates me into deep contemplation.

Well writing has given me a lot of  recognition and  personal identity. I am not a writer by profession. Although I am not a compulsive writer,  but I love freelance writing and often try my  creative hand and talent at various contests on the facebook and twitter or any other media. And my efforts at writing or taking part in contests have borne fruit  and has fetched me many  rewards too. Apart from the material satisfaction, it gives me an expression to vent out my innermost feelings and  fears.  In fact writing has broadened my horizon, my outlook and my perception.of life and its various stages   Infact, today I am a  in a position to say that it’s  like a weapon in my hand albeit a healthy and a  safe weapon  Writing has given me lots of opportunity  to  fulfill my dreams and explore endless subjects. It has helped me to achieve a respectable standing in my society and   on social platforms.  In fact writing is the best medium to express oneself if one is  vocally challenged, meaning unable to express  in speech as much as they  do so in writing. And to compensate for this shortcoming as in my case, I took to writing and it has given me a lot of creative and mental satisfaction   Infact, it helped me   to reach out to a lot of people and also  to connect with them. Through my writing, I have  had the best opportunity of getting to know many people and interact with them and exchange my ideas with them. It has helped me to feel a sense of pride at my own achievement however, small they may be.

Finally, I would  conclude by saying that writing  has become my innermost and true friend , without which I would feel at a total loss.  Writing has developed my personality and I am utmost grateful to this wonderful expression of thought on paper  which reaches out to different people and helps them to  contemplate  and change themselves for their betterment. In fact, writing could change the world and it has. That’s the power of pen, more mightier than the sword.


Suman Kamath

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