Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Women are shifting to new role identities from the relational mother to that of the provider, traditionally attributed to men. Globalisation has lead to women  moving into newer roles around the world as women are supposed to have greater efficiency as workers as they put in both their head and heart into it.  Women are undertaking new social roles but are often bound by traditional conservative roles which hinder them but yet they have emerged winners in all fields. Women are struggling to redefine their social and  business roles in relation to their self identity.

As mothers, we all have had the experience of having a life grow inside us.  And there cannot be a more revolutionary moment in a woman s life than this breath taking event and we  become an inseparable link to the human chain of life and  this quest leads us to live  a  good life. Women  can use their natural abilities as peace makers and mediators  to turn the tide against war and conflict and as harmony seekers and nurturers to raise a family with moral and cultural values.

The 21st century women have successfully carved a niche for them in their personal, business or political lives.  They are urging women to be tougher, to learn to fight and to learn to play the game in the world like men.  But the trip to the Top has never been easy  for  women especially in a male oriented workplace. It has only been possible  because they are willing to work with men and willing to change the work scenario by their feminine presence, charm and  hardwork.

The  woman of today is a far cry from the outdated stereotype and though the family expects her to settle down in a quiet manner, she is in no mood to do so even if she becomes a grandmother.. But today the fun of being a woman is the fact that she can combine a family and home  with  a  full time working life. She is also taking advantages of other things life has to offer be it travelling or doing some kind of social work.

 Women today believe that they cant live by the rule that they need to sit at home. It’s the age of women power. They also believe that a fit body along with sound mind are essential for a healthy and enriching  life. Many  women today, who are at the very top of their careers are more likely to be found in a boardroom than the kitchen. They are juggling their work and their homes with the deftness of a magician.  Women like Meera Borwankar [Police Commissioner Crime], Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Kiran Bedi, Ela Bhatt, Shobha De, Anuradha Desai [Venkys Group] are some of  the successful women who have reached the top on their sheer determination and hardwork.  Women personailities like Medha Patkar [social worker] and Taslima Nasreen [writer], Barkha Dutt [Television] have sacrificed the safe cacoons of their homes to voice their opinions and reach the social and work ladder.

In the end, howsoever successful a woman on Top is, she has to eventually return to her home and a family as career achievements rarely add up to the sum of a successful life.  We women need not give up having a family to pursue our goals.  The philosophy and wisdom of a woman’s value will not be in trying to imitate men but in honouring our womanhood and femininity.  In addition to bearing, raising and nurturing our children, we also share a united responsibility  to improve each of our home, towns, cities and nations.

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